Law issues are intensely personal, impacting you emotionally and financially. Hiring an
attorney will help you get the best outcome for yourself and your children in your unique situation.
It can be incredibly difficult to deal with the changing structure of a family. The emotional stress can be overwhelming. An attorney can help guide you in making sound decisions that will shape not only your future, but also that of your family.Here are some of the areas of which Ms. Spears can help you:


- Child Custody and Support,
- Parenting Time,
- Child Protection
-Relative Adoptive Placements
- Divorce,
- Annulment and Legal Separation,
- Alimony and Spousal Support,
- Mediationand Alternative Dispute Resolution,
- Domestic Violenece,
- Order for Protection, and Harassment Orders.
- Pre and Post-nuptial Agreements.



Did you know that using mediation to resolve family disputes leads to better family member interaction post divorce. The level of conflict is much less than an adversarial court battle and the nature of compromise used leaves the parties feeling more satisfied with the outcome. Less arguing and stress is also better for the children.

Ms. Spears was trained in mediation and completed courses and hours in both Family Law Mediation and General Mediation, so can be of service if you are looking to resolve your dispute in the most amicable way possible.

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When it comes to child protection, our law firm believes in keeping families together, and supporting relatives in gaining custody or adopting when the children can't stay with their parents. We take cases for relatives challenging the child protection department's foster placement and adoptive placement.

Our firm also advocates for child protection reform to reduce racial disparities, reduce removals, terminations and help families to accomplish relative placements.
Spears Family Law also takes referrals from, consults with and serves on the Board for Village Arms, an agency actively trying to improve racial disparities in the child protection departments of Minnesota. Spears Family Law has also been the go-to attorney for Family Preservation, Inc., an organization seeking to improve child protection through impact litigation.


You have control over decisions without the court intervening.

For an initial consultation or case evaluation, please contact Ms. Spears via email at: or by callingĀ (612) 599-7860