Kelli Thiel is a graduate of Mitchell Hamline School of Law. During her law school career, she focused on client centered, holistic representation and trauma-informed practice.

She volunteered as a Student Certified Attorney representing parents and children in Mitchell Hamline’s Child Protection Clinic. She also served as a law clerk with Anishinabe Legal Services and Central Minnesota Legal Services providing legal aid regarding harassment restraining orders, custody determination and modification, marriage dissolution, evictions, and adoptions.  Ms. Thiel's undergraduate major was in American Indian Studies and she has a strong interest in ICWA and tribal court issues.

Before coming to Spears Family Law, Ms. Thiel practiced in the areas of surrogacy law and family law.  During her time as a surrogacy attorney she helped to establish the parental rights of the biological and intended parents of children born via surrogates or gestational carriers. In her surrogacy work she primarily helped same sex couples start their families.

Ms. Thiel strongly believes that everyone deserves access to justice and zealous legal representation. She joined Spears Family Law to provide compassionate legal service to those facing some of the most difficult situations of their lives, including involvement in child protection matters, custody and divorce.

Ms. Thiel can be reached directly by calling (763) 234-6816 or by email at


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